Phyllis Gordon obtained her masters degree in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University in 1981. A specialist in manual therapy, Phyllis began her career at Jacobi Hospital, where she worked in adolescent and adult psychiatric units,before moving on practice hospital and school-based pediatric occupational therapy.

Her career path next revealed the unique benefits made possible by combining manual therapy techniques with traditional therapeutic activities and exercise. While exploring her aptitude for manual therapies, Phyllis expanded her expertise by studying at the Upledger Institute with former Michigan State Professor of Biomechanics and craniosacral pioneer Dr. John Upledger, lymphatic drainage and brain curriculum developer Bruno Chikly, MD, and Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral,  noted for his visceral manipulation techniques.  

As her education continued, Phyllis incorporated insights drawn from her extensive coursework in sensory integration and related treatment philosophies including DIR:Floortime and Brain Gym.