"A career in advertising has taught me to take testimonials with more than a grain of salt. Call me skeptical or narrow minded, I know nothing about cranial sacral therapy and don't believe in healers.

But after living with unrelenting pain caused by four arthritic vertebrae and stenosis throughout my neck--not to mention the frustration caused by physical therapy that brought no relief and equally unresponsive physicians--I turned to you for help thinking I had nothing to lose.

I could never have anticipated how much I stood to gain.You instinctively zeroed in on each area of discomfort and with soothing precision calmed every one--restoring not just my mobility but my sense of self-sufficiency.I am feeling better than I have in months and optimistic that debilitating pain is not part of my future.I still don't believe in healers.But I certainly believe in you, your professionalism, and your gift for making people feel better.

Thank you so much."

~Monica Rosenberg