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"As an Occupational Therapist who has had training in a variety of manual therapy approaches, I can say with confidence that Phyllis Gordon has remarkable skills.Part of my initial impetus to seek some of that training was the experience of seeing Phyllis do a demonstration of craniosacral treatment at a program sponsored by the NJ Occupational Therapy Association.

To the untrained eye, she seemed to do nothing but hold her fingers in the ears of the volunteer patient but, to my amazement, one of the patient's hips (which had been in a somewhat abnormal position) slowly moved into perfect alignment... and the patient walked more comfortably.I have been treated by Phyllis, have had her treat family members and clients, and have participated in advanced training seminars which she has taught.I have seen her successfully address a wide range of problems including musculoskeletal, visceral, and even orthodontic issues.Great hands and a caring heart."

~Rochelle Bukatman Tropp