"My name is Livnat Hai-Choron and I brought my newborn to Phyllis Gordon because he failed two hearing tests. First hearing test took place when my son was two days old, he failed the test on the left ear. Second hearing test took place when my son was three weeks old and again he failed the test on the left ear. The Audiologist said there could be trapped amniotic fluid in the ears. At that point I decided not to wait for miracles and simply go to Phyllis, who also resolved my daughter's colic and acid reflux issues when she was four months old. When my son was four weeks old I took him to Phyllis. During the same treatment we both clearly heard fluid going down my son's tiny body from the face area to the bladder area. We saw Phyllis again a week later, when my son was five weeks old. She did another treatment on him. By the end of the second treatment his face completely changed. It turned very symmetrical, as I have noticed in before treatment and post treatment photos Phyllis and I took. The next morning my son had his third hearing test. My son passed the test on both ears and that was the end of this ordeal. Thank you Phyllis Gordon from sparing my son from continuous, more intervening hearing tests."